New and Love

Another bitterly cold day in Florida. Yes, actual and scientifically measurable cold, not just “Florida cold.” It’s 32 degrees outside!

I first experienced John Paul Ramos at his good friend and self-described shake-a-billy singer-songwriter Rachel Goodrich‘s show @BackBooth on December 27th. (Check out Rachel’s video for “Light Bulb” and be amazed!) According to his sister and keyboardist, Camillie, the band had only practiced a total of 7 or 8 times in order to get ready for their last-minute show addition, with help from a few other well-known local musicians. Peter Baldwin provided back-up vocals, and Kevin Cash of Mirror Pal (fresh off of playing with his main project the night before in the same venue) showcased his prog-pop guitar prowess. They handled a Daft Punk cover with ease, and their original material was surprisingly catchy and melodic for only having been written a few weeks prior. The talented bunch do not have any recorded material just yet, but a YouTube video of their closing number, “Juventud,” has surfaced to give you a taste of their sunny Latin-infused, indie dance-rock.

Nada Surf will be back with a new covers album “if i had a hi-fi” on March 25th and a slew of North American and European tour dates… Of course there is no stop for us here in the vast cultural wasteland that is Orlando, which should be disappointing but is to be expected. New York City gets three consecutive dates, each one featuring a different NS album IN FULL! Those jerks. The band will tackle gems from a range of classic artists, including the Moody Blues, Depeche Mode, Kate Bush and more.

I shall celebrate from my own little corner of the world with a classic jam that brings me back to memories of my college roommate and our tiny apartment. Aw, fuck it. I’m gonna have a party!

Nada Surf “Blankest Year” (Download MP3) off The Weight is a Gift



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