Oceana in the Studio

Accomplished photographer Gage Young recently captured Oceana‘s time in the studio recording their upcoming EP at Glow in the Dark studios in Atlanta, GA. The photographs are stunning, so be sure to check out the full set at his tumblr blog. He also tweeted their progress along the way @GageYoung, letting fans know that the “Oceana ep is coming along beautifully” on January 28th. The entire record was written on three weeks notice and was helmed by super producer of several successful local bands, Matt Goldman (Underoath, Copeland, Anberlin).

The post-hardcore band from St. Petersburg, FL actually announced a hiatus in the summer of last year after two albums and countless lineup changes. It is great to see that they have regrouped a third time and are back with a veangance. In November, the band posted a blog on their MySpace page:

“After a few months of thought and ton of discussions, we (Denny, Jack, Brennan) have decided to bring our true love back to life. Rob and Alex have decided to take a different route on the road of life and we support them in their decisions and are still best friends with no hard feelings. With these losses, we would love to welcome our newest member of the OCEANA family – our new bassist (Kolby Cridder.) So for all of you who are fans new or old, thank you for your continued support during our broken up period of time. We Love you all and hope to see you soon.”

A full slate of nationwide tour dates has been scheduled through March, and the guys will have plenty of new material to test out on captive audiences. Their previous records were lush with layered textures, breakdowns and ambient sound beds, so it will be interesting to hear what represents the vision of the latest Oceana incarnation.

“The Family Disease” (Download MP3)
from Birth.Eater



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