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Wet Nurse in Orlando Music News

February 7, 2011

Hello again!

My last post let you know of some great local music blogs/zines what have you, but in the meantime, Orlando Music News has sprung up!

Editor Jason Ferguson was gracious enough to bestow Band of the Week honors to Wet Nurse, and we couldn’t be more honored.

Check out the review and short interview with guitarist Nina Chaplin here:

Check out an MP3 of “Brain Arcade” from the upcoming Wet Nurse EP cassette release!

Enjoy! Come out and see the nurses at the Jernigan Post Show @ Will’s Pub on 2/11 at 9 pm! A.K.A. our cassette release show!


New Brandi Carlile Valentine’s EP – XOBC !

February 9, 2010

Thank you, Columbia / Sony BMG marketing department for brightening up my inbox this afternoon. A new iTunes-exclusive, valentine’s themed Brandi release with THREE original songs and two covers, a week before I get to see her live at her sold-out show in Clearwater, FL?! You complete me.

XOBC Tracklisting:
1 All You Need Is Love (Beatles cover)
2 Love Songs
3 Way to You
4 Us Again
5 Heaven (Bryan Adams cover)

I immediately purchased the five-song EP for $3.99 (yes, purchased) without hesitation or preview, and it is as amazing as I knew it would be. She covers The Beatles and Bryan Adams with ease, and engages you in the new material like you were old friends. Her take on “Heaven” is sparse and haunting, with the eerie modulation of a Rhodes piano backing her acoustic guitar picking. It is also interesting to hear “All You Need Is Love” from a female perspective with an epic chorus and ending in laughter.

Her voice is as strong as ever, and the instrumentation by the Twins is folksy and endearing. A total surprise to an avid Brandi fan such as myself, this was an unexpected and appreciated valentine’s gift. Twelve thumbs up!


January Releases to Get Excited About!

January 2, 2010

Now that all the year end lists are behind us, old and new favorites have already hit the streets running, ready to release new material.

January 12th

Vampire Weekend – Contra

Ezra Koening and Co. seem to have had more fun this time around, taking advantage of even more unconventional instruments and textures and honing their sound. The sunny tracks I’ve been able to sample are awash in synth arpeggios, marimbas and plenty of reverb. Check out the videos at

“Horchata” (Download MP3) is a huge sonic opus pulsating at a the steady pace of your heartbeat.

“White Sky” (Download Live MP3) brings to mind a world where Paul Simon now makes music with Chevy Chase inside of a giant synthesizer. Check out a great review on Stereogum.

January 12th

Jason Boesel – Hustler’s Son

Rilo Kiley has, and always will be, very close to my heart. Get excited to experience drummer Jason’s solo effort.

“Hand of God” is a hazy 70’s ode to disorientation (Download MP3)

“French Kissing” finds jangly guitars supporting his surprisingly confident drawl that brings to mind old school Old 97’s.

January 19th

Motion City Soundtrack – My Dinosaur Life

With lead singer Justin Pierre’s sustained ability to overcome addiction comes yet another installment of MCS’ power pop. These nuggets of lyrical genius still do not disappoint!

“Her Words Destroy My Planet” (Download MP3) Kazoos! ‘Nuff said.

“Disappear” has the perfect mix: morbid lyrics a la Alkaline Trio, strong guitars a la Jimmy Eat World circa Futures, gang vocals a la Say Anything …Is A Real Boy. I think they might be on to something here…

There are plenty of other hyped releases out this month – I may have to post up a Part Deux in the coming weeks… Stay tuned!