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Mumpsy Does Smashing Pumpkins 1.28.10

January 29, 2010

This will be a quick one, as I am off to West Palm Beach to manage a photo event AND log/capture tapes for a documentary…

But Mumpsy! Covering Smashing Pumpkins!

It was a night enjoyed by all, as evidenced by the set list:

Cherub Rock
Bullet with Butterfly Wings
Geek Usa
Tonight Tonight

An extra mic on stage allowed for fans to jump up and join in:

They brought back Chris on violin for a few tracks as well, and introduced new guitarist PJ. The boys practiced these songs for three weeks, after what started as a joke, and it paid off. It was also the bassist’s birthday, and they all looked like they were having as much fun playing the Pumpkins as we were re-living them.

Thanks to @BackBooth for hosting the magic.



The Tenant, Surfer Blood, Monotonix 1.26.10

January 27, 2010

Lineup: Basements of Florida, Yip-Yip, The Tenant, Surfer Blood, Monotonix, Waxfang

What a great night! Parafora Presents celebrated their third anniversary of organizing consistently stellar artist lineups @BackBooth to a packed and appreciative house. The roster of bands was diverse enough for any and all indie tastes, and you were guaranteed to run into at least five of your closest friends. DJ @Waxfang apparently broke his back the week or so prior but was still in attendance, keeping the crowd amped during the downtime in between sets. I’m disappointed that I missed Basements of Florida AGAIN (got there late, sue me), so I’ll have to make it a point to go to a show specifically to see them in the near future.

Yip-Yip went on second, to a crowd that didn’t quite know what to do with them. I had been looking forward to witnessing their art rock presence, and I have to say I enjoyed the experience. Their extensive gear cases obstructed them from view, hiding their matching berets, white jumpsuits and matching 80’s Oakleys. The vocalist even called saxophonist a stupid asshole for missing a downbeat at one point, while the hipsters stood and stared. 3/5 stars, for the win!

The Tenant holds a special place in my heart and it was great to see them play to a hometown crowd, especially with vocalist Brad Register’s move to Austin, TX to manage a bar down there. They played all the best tracks from their Visitors/Is Listening EP/7″ set, and even held our attention while they switched out their faulty kick drum mid-set. The sound was great all night but was especially apparent during their set, where you could actually hear the nuances of Register’s keyboard playing. 5/5 stars, as always.

I was highly anticipating Surfer Blood‘s turn on the BB stage, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how tight the songs were live. Vocalist John Paul Pitts looked prepubescent in a striped polo and crew cut, but his raspy howl and effortless instrumentation won over the packed house. A week after the release of Astro Coast, their first LP, the college dudes were jubilant and happy to be playing their “new” music to welcoming ears. 4/5!

Monotonix. All I can say is that the atmosphere in the pit was one of the best of my adult life. Picture three Israelis in short shorts playing in the middle of the crowd with no barriers. They wove their way through the pit area and into the bar, and even led the masses outside onto Pine street where vocalist Ami Shalev jumped from a street sign into their waiting arms. So much love, so much music. 10/5 stars!

Happy birthday, Parafora Presents! It was a fantastic evening. Here’s to many more!


New and Love

January 6, 2010

Another bitterly cold day in Florida. Yes, actual and scientifically measurable cold, not just “Florida cold.” It’s 32 degrees outside!

I first experienced John Paul Ramos at his good friend and self-described shake-a-billy singer-songwriter Rachel Goodrich‘s show @BackBooth on December 27th. (Check out Rachel’s video for “Light Bulb” and be amazed!) According to his sister and keyboardist, Camillie, the band had only practiced a total of 7 or 8 times in order to get ready for their last-minute show addition, with help from a few other well-known local musicians. Peter Baldwin provided back-up vocals, and Kevin Cash of Mirror Pal (fresh off of playing with his main project the night before in the same venue) showcased his prog-pop guitar prowess. They handled a Daft Punk cover with ease, and their original material was surprisingly catchy and melodic for only having been written a few weeks prior. The talented bunch do not have any recorded material just yet, but a YouTube video of their closing number, “Juventud,” has surfaced to give you a taste of their sunny Latin-infused, indie dance-rock.

Nada Surf will be back with a new covers album “if i had a hi-fi” on March 25th and a slew of North American and European tour dates… Of course there is no stop for us here in the vast cultural wasteland that is Orlando, which should be disappointing but is to be expected. New York City gets three consecutive dates, each one featuring a different NS album IN FULL! Those jerks. The band will tackle gems from a range of classic artists, including the Moody Blues, Depeche Mode, Kate Bush and more.

I shall celebrate from my own little corner of the world with a classic jam that brings me back to memories of my college roommate and our tiny apartment. Aw, fuck it. I’m gonna have a party!

Nada Surf “Blankest Year” (Download MP3) off The Weight is a Gift


The Tenant EP Release Show 12.26.09

January 2, 2010

Backbooth recently played host to the EP/7″ release party for The Tenant, and I was happy to see the place packed. Not to be confused with the crappy feature film shot locally in Orlando, the musical Tenant brings together just the right elements of Summerbirds and Orlando’s Bananafish in as close to a super-group as Orlando may soon experience. (Montreal’s band of the same name is also established, so we’ll see who gets to keep the name.)

Only their second show in support of the new music, everyone was itching to see the new tracks played live, as well as pick up one of the 1000 freshly pressed, limited release copies of their “Is Listening” EP and “Visitors” 7″ set. (Get yours locally at Park Ave CDs or online while they last.)

Track Listing

“Is Listening” EP
1. The Stranger
2. Trouble
3. Suspicion Breeds Confidence
4. You Should Hear Yourself
5. Death Pops By On Important Business From Above
6. My Unspoken Name

Visitors 7″
1. Visitors
2. Incantation (One)

For those who many not be vinyl connoisseurs, the 7″ has an MP3 coupon inside, as has become pretty standard with most new vinyl. The tracks are airy and relatively upbeat for local bartender, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Brad Register. If you have yet to experience their ethereal live show, take a listen on the bands MySpace and join the legions of locals already firmly planted on the bandwagon.