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Sunday Hype: Honorable Mentions

January 3, 2010

How could I forget? Honorable mentions:

1. Kavinsky “Testarossa Autordrive (sebastiAn remix)” (Download MP3)

2. The Gossip “Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)” (Download MP3)

Don’t forget to listen to the original 10 Sunday Hype tracks for this week!

Stay classy, Orlando.



The Sunday Hype

January 3, 2010

With much deliberation, I have culled together this Sunday’s batch of noteworthy tunes. A few parts twee indie pop gems, a few parts club bangers, this mix is a true testament to my widely varied musical tastes. I am obsessed with playlist flow and organization, but I realize that most of you do not have time to sit down and listen to a mixtape in order. Alas. Still, be sure to explore the web dwellings of each of the artists below as a jumping off point for other great artists. Happy listening.

1. The Silent League “Let It Roll” (Download MP3)

*Their new album But You‘ve Always Been the Caretaker is out January 27th. This track is from Of Stars and Other Somebodies, 2007.

2. Beach House “Norway” (Download MP3)

*First single off of their upcoming album Teen Dream, Out 1-26

3. Ben + Vesper “Receptor” (Download MP3)

*They are back, and their new EP LuvInIdleness is out 2-9 as well. This track is off of More Questions, 2006.

4. Florence + The Machine “Dog Days Are Over” (Download Live MP3)

5. The Brunettes “Small Town Crew” (Download MP3)

*Their new album, Paper Dolls, is out 2-2. This track is from Structure and Cosmetics, 2007.

6. Beyonce “Smash Into You (Mighty Mouse’s Not So Official Remix) ” (Download MP3)

7. Maskinen Ft. Marina Gasolina “Dansa Med Vapen (The Subs Remix)” (Download MP3)

8. Oscillator “Wabbles N’ Syrup” (Download MP3)

9. The Knux “F#@k You” (Download MP3)

10. MIA “Galang (Hot Chip Remix)” (Download MP3)

*Hot Chip has a new disc out, One Life Stand, on 2-9.

Two additional honorable mention tracks to download here.

Pitchfork’s Winter 2010 Album Release guide made me wet myself a little… Spoon, Goldfrapp, Juliana Hatfield, David Bowie, Fucked Up, Natalie Merchant, Ted Leo, White Stripes, She & Him? All promised before March? Yippee!

Which ones are you looking forward to?